Update Rollup 9 for System Center 2012 R2 released

Microsoft released the Update Rollup 9 for System Center 2012 R2.

Update Rollup 9 contains Fixes and Updates for SCDPM, SCOM, SCSM, SPF, SCVMM and Windows Azure Pack..

As we know, there is the possibility that the actual Update Rollup can contain some Bugs, so maybe wait a few days to install, or try it on a Test Environment.

Get all Information’s about Update Rollup 9 for System Center 2012 R2: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3129757

Here are some Details

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Check Last Backup, Version 1.3 available

There is a new release of my “Check Last Backup” SCDPM Script. I have done some modification on the Code and added some new Features.

Skip HyperV now reports the span Days, so you can see if there is a Problem.

The query for running Job now ignores Tape Jobs.

And we now create a Summary Report and you will be able to send this via mail.

Hope you like the new Script, here is the Code, at the End is the Link to TechNet Gallery Download. Please rate and comment for new Features.

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Interview with Stefan Horz

PorträtHere is our first Interview in 2016, its Stefan Horz from VAS Value Added Services GmbH.

From time to time I will ask some of my colleagues from the community if they are interested to answer some Questions, so here we are.

From this point now, Stefan will answer my Questions, at the end I will let you know where to connect with Stefan and where his Community work is available.

Small Introduction of you and what you are doing

I work as a Senior Consultant at Value Added Services (VAS) for automation and integration products from Microsoft since 2007. I work for large enterprises, SME and public sector in small to large projects as a consultant or trainer.

I’m active in the Technet forums from Microsoft. Since now I have provided there over 1.000 answers and helpful posts to user questions.

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TOP 10 Posts, second half-year period 2015

This is my TOP 10 list of Blogposts in the last six month.

The list is measured by the Views of Posts in the last half-year period 2015

Something has changed since the last TOP 10 Post.

This is the list, relaxe and read again.


  1. PowerShell Import-Module oder Add-PSSnapIn
  2. Export PST bei Exchange 2010 SP1
  3. Powershell Get-Date
  4. PowerShell
  5. Windows 7 SP1, Fehler C0000034 beim Updatevorgang 282 von 118412– behoben
  6. Standarddrucker und Druckereinstellungen mittels PowerShell konfigurieren
  7. Ablaufdatum des Passwortes der AD User mit PowerShell auslesen
  8. PowerShell BackupScript
  9. System Center Data Protection Manager
  10. Export und Import GPO mit PowerShell

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SCSM Dashboard from Expit in Version 3.0 available

ExpitLogoI have written about the Expit Ensight last Year, now there is a new Version and new Features. Expit is providing Ensight 3.0 as a Dashboard for SCSM.

Dashboard and KPI are very important for Analysts, so Expit is providing a solution for that.

There is a free Community Edition which limits the functionality to Incidents and Problems. The paid Professional Edition has no limitation on Reporting and Dashboard functionality.

Whats New?

Expit done a lot about Performance, so the Console is much faster than the old one. Also in a Environemnt with a lot of Data, the Console is still fast.

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Installation and first look at the new SCSM HTML5 Portal

Hi, today the Update Rollup 8 and the new System Center Service Manager Portal has been released.

Microsoft released a new and fresh HTML5 Version, without the need of Silverlight or SharePoint.

In this Article I want to take a look at the Setup and the look and feel of the new SCSM Portal.

The Portal will show up in a modern UI, Announcements, Caching and some customizations.


Download the Setup and Management Pack from here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49556

First, enable the IIS Role, if you are installing the Portal on a new Server.

The following Features need to be selected

  • ASP.Net 4.5
  • Basic Authentication
  • Windows Authentication
  • .Net Extensibility 4.5
  • HTTP Activation (.NET Framework 4.5 Feature)

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How to add a Category to SCSM Business Service Components

I recently faced the challenge to add custom Category Classes to System Center Service Manager Business Service Components.

I will skip the introduction on how to build custom classes with Visual Studio, cause Marcel did an awesome Job already here: http://marcelzehner.ch/2015/04/13/scsm-quickvids-for-scsm-20122012r2-authoring-video-4-create-a-custom-form-step-1/

I want to show how to create this classes, cause I think someone can also need this.


As Marcel showed us in his Videos, we need the related Management Pack as a reference in our Visual Studio Solution.

But what Management Pack?

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Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2012 R2 released

Microsoft released the Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2012 R2.

Update Rollup 8 contains Fixes and Updates for SCDPM, SCOM, SCO, SPF,  SCVMM and Windows Azure Pack.

The UR 8 and the Portal for SCSM will be released next week.

As we know, there is the possibility that the actual Update Rollup can contain some Bugs, so maybe wait a few days to install, or try it on a Test Environment.

Get all Information’s about Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2012 R2: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3096378

Here are some Details

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I am MVP

MVP_FullColor_ForScreenI am proud to announce that I has been awarded as an MVP in the Category “Cloud and Datacenter Management”

So now I am a happy member of the MVP Community, it is my first time, so I am looking forward to what is happening now.

2015-10-01 17_43_08-Glückwunsch zum Microsoft MVP 2015! - Message (HTML)

Get more information about the Microsoft MVP award: Microsoft MVP Award Website

Michael Seidl aka Techguy

Check Last Backup, Script available in Version 1.2

There is a new Version of my SCDPM PowerShell Script, Check Last Backup. I have added a high requested Feature, to skip Hyper-V Datasources.

Why you want to skip VM Backup? My Script is starting a Backup job if your backup is too old, so cause Hyper-V VM’s can sometime backed up in Offline mode, that is not good if this is happening during production time.

So the Script has now the possibility to skip Hyper-V VM Datasources.

Like the previous Version, you can call this Script with Parameter’s and send the Result as an email.

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