PowerShell BackupScript Version 1.4 released

I have updated my PowerShell Backup Script and want to provide you the new Release

I have added some New Feature, Staging Folder, Exclude Dirs, 7Zip Support and fixed some Bugs.

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IMPORTANT, the Script is now on GitHub: https://github.com/Seidlm/PowerShell-Backup-Script

The Script

Download is available at TechNet Gallery: http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/PowerShell-Backup-Script-956f312c

All my TechNet Downloads: 1jrYQoA


Michael Seidl aka Techguy

10 comments to PowerShell BackupScript Version 1.4 released

  • Ken Tole

    is there a way to exclude file types? If this is discussed elsewhere please point me to that blog.

  • Hi, sure, would be an easy one, will be added to the Backlog for the upcoming release

  • c0ntr1but3

    You have an additional „+“ BEFORE the „=“ on line 91. Here:


    It makes the script run but actually fail to do anything useful. When I removed this + everything ran as expected.

    All the best.

  • Hi,
    I’m new in this Powershell stuff. I adapt your code so I can do the backup of our server but the only information that I can see is the log file in the staging folder and in the Destination. I’m not able to retried any information from the files that I want to save. In the destination folder I just can see the log and the backup zip and in this one it’s empty.

  • Per Ljungstrom

    Thank’s for a great tool. Not sure I missed something but I do not see the tool is backing up hidden files like user Appdata folder (using 1.3 now but will update)

  • Per Ljungstrom

    OK, 1.4 seems to be stable for this, I do not see the problem there. I other words – other folders was empty periodically as well in 1.3, not only hidden ones. In 1.4 I have not seen it yet.

  • Bill

    Firstly, thank you for a great script.

    Is there a way when backing up multiple locations to put them in their own folder inside the destination?

    For example:
    Backup c:\users\bill\documents
    Backup c:\users\john\documents

    currently it would place all documents in the s:\backups\ and mix both users documents

    Would like it to take the parent folder name (up 1 level) and use that as the destination. for example:


    This way Bill and John are separate folders and can find files easier.

  • Hi,
    thanks for your comment, I will add this to the feature list for the next release

  • fxgoe53

    I like your script, you have done a great Job.
    After monthes of waiting for AVM supporting SMB V2/3 now i have tested making backup using „backupscript V1.4“.
    I use Windows 10/10Pro V1909 backing up to FRITZ.NAS.
    A first impression it seems to work well, further testing has to be done.
    But there are some issues:
    – counting files works not exactly (i.e. Copied 519 of 481 files with…)
    – counting dataspace works not exactly (i.e. …with 2.176,43 MB of 1.169,58 MB of Files)
    – some files are marked as „ERROR: returned an error an was not copied“ but are correctly copied to media
    – Showing backupduration INFO: Backupduration 0 Hours 6 Minutes and 20 Seconds
    „24.11.2019-15:47:03 – INFO: There are 111152 Files with 303.772,75 MB of Files to copy
    25.11.2019-01:39:37 – INFO: Backupduration 53 Minutes and 10 Seconds“

    best regards

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