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Vembu – A backup and disaster recovery portfolio company, is rapidly evolving with its Suite of products which has released complete Vembu BDR Suite free edition solutions for data centers with multiple backup requirements, be it virtualized, physical or legacy or needing hybrid deployment options as well. Vembu BDR Suite serves with most comprehensive, simple and affordable backup & disaster recovery solutions affordable for the hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses.

Vembu provides backup solution for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Physical Servers, Workstations, Exchange Items, SharePoint Items, SQL Items, Office365, G Suite, etc. – and additionally follows the 3-2-1 backup strategy which includes Disk and Tape and 1 backup copy at offsite or even to the cloud . Aside from the BDR Suite, Vembu offers a wide variety of products such as a monitoring solution to centralize the monitoring of all of your backups as well as some which are absolutely free such as Desktop/Laptop Image Backup and the Vembu Universal Explorer for discovering application items within Microsoft apps. Vembu BDR Suite is offered as a single edition software for all businesses unlike other backup vendors who provide editions with limitations based on the type of businesses.

Vembu BDR Suite of Products – categorized on the basis of environments:

Virtualized environments :

Vembu VMBackup part of Vembu BDR Suite provides reliable, affordable, efficient, agentless  VMware backup and Microsoft Hyper-V backup solution for virtualized environments. Vembu VMBackup provides faster recovery options which ensures that the business continuity is not disrupted at any point of time and it provides option of sending the backup data to an off-site data center or Vembu Cloud for data redundancy and disaster recovery. Application-aware image backup processing ensures application consistency with logs being truncated after successful backups. The quick vm recovery helps you to instantly launch the backed up VMs on ESXi host or Hyper-V or any other hypervisor, VSS aware technology for application consistency, Automated Backup Verification, Tape Backup Support to maintain the copy of the data offsite.  VembuHIVE File System, for efficient backup storage. Multiple migration options, Flexible & Configurable Retention Policies, Vembu VMBackup is tailor made for all Backup & DR requirements for a complete virtual DataCenter.

Windows IT environments:

Vembu ImageBackup, part of Vembu BDR Suite, provides robust and comprehensive backup solution for protecting the windows servers including the operating system, application and files of physical computing environments in a single pass.It provides an option to do entire system level backup or specific file level backup in Windows Servers and workstations ensuring the RTO to be less than 15 minutes by delivering reliable recovery options like Quick VM Recovery and Instant File Level recovery without affecting the business continuity. Furthermore, backup solution for Desktops/Laptops is completely made free.

Applications, File Servers, Endpoints:

Vembu NetworkBackup, being a part of Vembu BDR Suite is specially designed to implement a foolproof backup process which will protect all business data across file servers, application servers, workstations and other endpoints in an automatic and easily manageable method.

Vembu OnlineBackup, part of Vembu BDR Suite which provides end-to-end secure backup for Windows, Linux & Mac machines and applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and secure the data using enterprise-grade AES 256-bit encryption which exceeds your expectations by providing a secure and affordable cloud backup solution.

SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite:

Vembu SaaSBackup, part of Vembu BDR Suite is designed for a fool-proof mechanism to backup critical data in SaaS applications. Vembu SaaSBackup is a User friendly Backup and Recovery solution for SaaS applications. It has been efficiently designed to backup mails, drives, contacts and calendar of SaaS applications like Google Apps (now G Suite) and Office 365.

Vembu BDR360 provides end to end visibility to all your IT environments and supports management and monitoring of backups from the BDR Suite of Products VMBackup, NetworkBackup, ImageBackup and OnlineBackup.


Free Backup solution for Virtualized and Windows Environment


Free backup for VMware:


Vembu Free VMware Backup provides an exclusive Free Edition for VMware environments where the user can take unlimited agentless VMware backup hosted in VMware ESXi host and vCenter server at zero cost. This edition by default analyses to choose the appropriate transport mode which enables fast and flexible recovery of your backup data. The user can choose the combination of either backup of unlimited VMs with Limited features or Limited VMs(upto 3) with unlimited features.


Free backup for Hyper-V:


Vembu Free Hyper-V Backup offers free Hyper-V backup to protect the production VMs running on the Hyper-V environments. Using Vembu VMBackup Free Edition, multiple VMs can be backed up in a single job. It is an agentless solution to backup your virtual machines listed under Microsoft Hyper-V host. Multiple VMs can be scheduled for backup with options also to edit the configuration. Vembu has developed its own proprietary driver to backup only the used blocks of Hyper-V VMs in an efficient manner especially with up to 5X improvement in performance.


Free backup for Windows Server:


Vembu Free Windows Server Backup delivers an easy and scalable solution that backup Windows Server deployed in physical IT infrastructure. It lets you perform consistent backup and recovery with access to Application aware processing. Manage your backup performance with reports and also receive email notifications of your backup status. Vembu ImageBackup for physical window server protects entire disk and volumes including system data, files, folders and application of the configured machine. During system crash or disaster, IT admins can recover the individual files and application or the system using Bare-Metal recovery (BMR) with a minimal downtime.


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