I am Michael Seidl, Microsoft MVP since 2015 and Automation Enthusiast. Mainly working with Microsoft Technology for Service Management and Automation for more than 10 years. Starting with System Center Orchestrator and Powershell over to Azure Automation and Logic Apps/Power Automate or Power Apps.

automate everything

4 thoughts on “Me”

  1. Hi Michael,

    I think you are great!

    That being said…lol…I think you had a script that would notify end users based on their (on-prem) AD password exipration date, and it worked with “FGPP” as well, do you happen to have that script available?

    I need it to send an email 14 days prior to expiration and I need it to work with both the default Domain Password Policy & FGPP, as to include all Domain based users.

    Thanks in advance….

    Tony D.

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