PowerShell BackupScript Version 1.4 released

I have updated my PowerShell Backup Script and want to provide you the new Release I have added some New Feature, Staging Folder, Exclude Dirs, 7Zip Support and fixed some Bugs. Please comment and rate the Script on TechNet IMPORTANT, the Script is now on GitHub: https://github.com/Seidlm/PowerShell-Backup-Script

System Center Data Protection Manager

Check Last Backup, Version 1.3 available

There is a new release of my “Check Last Backup” SCDPM Script. I have done some modification on the Code and added some new Features.

Skip HyperV now reports the span Days, so you can see if there is a Problem.

The query for running Job now ignores Tape Jobs.

And we now create a Summary Report and you will be able to send this via mail.

Hope you like the new Script, here is the Code, at the End is the Link to TechNet Gallery Download. Please rate and comment for new Features.

System Center Data Protection Manager

Check Last Backup, Script available in Version 1.2

There is a new Version of my SCDPM PowerShell Script, Check Last Backup. I have added a high requested Feature, to skip Hyper-V Datasources.

Why you want to skip VM Backup? My Script is starting a Backup job if your backup is too old, so cause Hyper-V VM’s can sometime backed up in Offline mode, that is not good if this is happening during production time.

So the Script has now the possibility to skip Hyper-V VM Datasources.

Like the previous Version, you can call this Script with Parameter’s and send the Result as an email.