Control Pipedrive CRM with PowerShell – Start and connect

I am using Pipedrive as my CRM System, and I use a lot of PowerShell Scripts to automate all things related to my Customers.

In this Blog Post, I want to show you how to connect your PowerShell to Pipedrive API and invoke the first Web Request.

API Details

To connect our PowerShell Script to the Pipedrive API, we need the following Information. Please follow the Pipedrive Doc for more Details

First PowerShell Script

With this Information we can start with our first PowerShell Script to get a list of our Contacts from Pipedrive.



With this Information above, we are ready to start to make a Rest call to get all our Contacts.

To get a list of all Persons, we refer to this Post: Pipedrive API v1 Reference

So we need to build our URL and trigger a GET Call

Our URL should look like the following: “”


$Result=Invoke-RestMethod -uri $URL -Method GET 

To see the Result, run $

To get the whole Script and a lot more in the future, see me Pipedrive-PowerShell GitHub Repository.

Seidlm/PIPEDRIVE-PowerShell: Control your Pipedrive CRM with PowerShell (

TEST Pipedrive:

Michael Seidl aka Techguy (au2mate everything)

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