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How to add a Category to SCSM Business Service Components

I recently faced the challenge to add custom Category Classes to System Center Service Manager Business Service Components.

I will skip the introduction on how to build custom classes with Visual Studio, cause Marcel did an awesome Job already here:

I want to show how to create this classes, cause I think someone can also need this.


As Marcel showed us in his Videos, we need the related Management Pack as a reference in our Visual Studio Solution.

But what Management Pack?

That’s easy, take a look at the actual Categories.


So take a look for the “” in your Service Manager installation folder and copy it to your Solution Directory.

Add it as a Reference and lets go.

I also exported this from Service Manager an did some research at the XML File, to understand this Class.

Lets go

So open your Visual Studio, create a new SCSM Management Pack, add a new Class Item.

Also add the “” as a Reference to the Solution

The Code should look like this


1: This are our 2 Classes which should be the Category “Printer” and “Phone”

2: That’s very important, we need to reference our imported MP “”

3: Here you can configure the displayed Names and Descriptions

Build your Solution, Import the MP into Service Manager.

The Result will look like this


Michael Seidl aka Techguy

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