Query Lenovo Warranty Information with PowerShell

I used this for an automatic Snyc related to Customer Asset List to get the Warranty Start and END – Date for Lenovo Hardware.

Lenovo is providing an API to get that information.

Please get in touch with your Partner Manager to get a ClientID. This is used to authenticate.

Here is the Code

$ClientId = '004z0000pq0io03zhyu7/0==';

$headers = @{
    'ClientId' = $ClientId

$ApiObject = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "http://supportapi.lenovo.com/V2.5/Warranty?Serial=$SerialNumber" -Headers $headers;

The Result looks like this for the Variable $ApiObject

If you take a look at “$ApiObject.Warranty,” you see the License Details

Michael Seidl aka Techguy

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  1. Can you explain it more about getting client_id from Partner Manager. I have just lenovo laptop but I don’t have idea about Partner Manager. May you please guide me about this more?

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