Useful PowerShell Commands for Exchange 2007 Part 1

Here are some Powershell Commands for Exchange 2007/2010, which may useful for you.

get-user | sort-object name – List all Active Directory Users

get-user "name" | format-list – Infos for a single User

get-mailboxstatistics "username" | format-list – Statisic for a single User

get-mailboxstatistics -server "name" | format-list – List all User with Object Counts

get-mailboxstatistics -server "name" | sort-object -property totalitemsize – same as above, but descending order

get-queue – shows queue

get-autodiscovervirtualdirectory – Infos for Autodiscovery Service

Test-OwaConnectivity -URL: -MailboxCredential:(get-credential domain\user) | fl – testing the access for OWA

test-servicehealth | fl – List all Services with status

test-systemhealth – shows you the systemhealth

Get-AddressList – list your Addresslists

This is a small choice of Commands, a complete List can be found here

The Part 2 is here:


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