Runbooks not visible in SCO API

So, this is a quick one. We are talking about the “old” SCO Rest API, not the 2022 API. In former releases, It could happen that you cannot see newly created Runbooks with the API.

So for example, you cannot see the new Runbook in SCSM or au2mator. There is a quick Solution for this.

Run the following SQL Query against the SCO DB

TRUNCATE TABLE [Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Internal].AuthorizationCache

After the Command, rerun your SCSM Connector or check au2mator Runbooks.

NOTE: make sure that the actual load at the SCO is not that high, It can happen that active Runbooks are not reporting the correct state back to SCSM. See SCO Health Checker for Details: System Center Orchestrator Health Checker – TechGuy

The newly created Runbooks should appear now

Michael Seidl aka Techguy
au2mate everything

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